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Telugu Movies Online: Best Political Thriller Movies

From high-budget production to skilled ensemble casting, the Telugu film industry is known for its outlandish and vivid portrayal of cinema. For its cinematic excellence, the Telugu film industry has been a pillar of the South Indian film industry.

There are hundreds of New Telugu movies online available online that you can watch to get a sense of the finesse with which the industry is known. Some films live up to their billing, while others fall short of your expectations. However, you should not expect the entire industry to disappoint you. With the advent of OTT Platforms, filmmakers are getting a platform to heighten their creative freedom and experiment with more serious, pragmatic, and content-rich plots.

Experimentation might not always pay off, but that hasn’t discouraged producers from producing films that are slightly different from the usual glitz and entertaining films of the Telugu Film industry.

Action movies are a classic to every film industry, and when mixed with a political thriller, it excites the audience and creates a huge buzz before its release. One such film is NGK, streaming under action movies online on OTT Platform AHA. 

NGK is the abbreviation for the main character’s name, and if you enjoy good political-thrillers that come with outstanding performances, this should be a weekend watch.

Written and Directed by Selvaraghavan, NGK or NandhaGopalanKumaran is a 2019 Tamil Political-action film dubbed in Telugu and released under the same name. The lead roles were played by Suriya, Sai Pallavi, and RakulPreet Singh, while Devaraj, Ponvannan, Nizhalgal Ravi, and Rajkumar played other important roles.

Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music, and SivakumarVijayan was the cinematographer.

The main character in NGK is a social worker committed to doing good for his village and the state. He left a well-paying job to pursue organic farming full-time. Things changed when he ran into an old friend, Raja, who needed to convey the local youth’s distress. The main plot follows NGK’s transformation from a good-doer to a man consumed by his desire to do good for his state.

NGK ticks all the boxes for a good political thriller and action movies online, with action, a phenomenal performance by Surya, a classic political-drama plot, and the portrayal of the commoner’s tragedy caused by political corruption.

At the start of the film, the director teases us with what could be considered a relevant thought: if educated people joined politics, the commoner’s struggle and adversity would be alleviated.

This thought is carried throughout the story and what follows is NGK’s journey to uproot a corrupt system and bring to light the country’s current political scenario.NGK is a well-made film with good cinematography and storyline and an outstanding performance from the main lead Surya, who keeps NGK burning.

Selvaraghavan is known for his bizarre plots and stories, and many people avoid watching his films because they don’t understand them. But it is the directors’ individuality that keeps the industry alive and well, and it is up to us, the viewers, to keep these eccentricities alive.

If you’re looking for something different, NGK could pique your interest and make a good addition to your action movies online list.

Therefore, head to the OTT Platform AHA’s website and check out their subscription plans to be appalled by the Telugu film industry’s vibrancy.

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Spend Some Time For Your Relaxation By Watching Movies Online

If you logged out after completing the works assigned for you, then you must wish to log in to the spot which helps you to relish more. After completing the work everyone long for relaxation without anyone’s disturbance. But in addition to the relaxation, you could enjoy the relaxation time if you watch any movies. In a day a person should spend some time to have food on time, relax, smile, and for more significant factors. But most of the working people are not happy in real as they are struggling hard because of the work pressure.

If they didn’t spend time on their happiness and to reduce their stresses then they have to undergo health issues during the upcoming days. For their happiness they don’t want to spend more time with the beloved people, they can also do anything alone which makes them happy and relaxed. If they love to be alone and to watch their favorite movies then they can view the desired movies in and alert some time for relaxing by doing their favorite task.

Everyone loves to watch movies, the choice of movie categories will vary based on their personal opinions. Not all people love to watch movies on the television if it is not their favorite category movie. But if you desired to watch any movies you like, then you can watch them on the movie site. The happiness level will be more while laughing with the gang of beloved people than laughing alone. So if you wish to enjoy a time with your friends or family then watch a movie with them to enjoy that time with a movie happily.

People who are working for any company or organization must have a schedule that they work during the weekdays and enjoy the relaxing time on the weekend or holidays. But if a person concentrates only on the work during the weekdays completely without any relaxation then they will feel more worried and tense because of work pressure. So to be normal and happy without the work stress they can watch the desired movie during their free time every day in online movie site.